HYDROPLATE THEORY for kids— teaching resources

This is an on-going project.  I will be actively working on adding resources over the next few years.

Eventually, I hope to have an entire curriculum available.  But until then, I will post miscellany.



Hydroplate Theory overview chart — simplified and with pictures to color

Slice of the grand canyon showing geological layers, plus the out-of-place block: coming soon

Cross section of Mt. Everest: coming soon



Play a game to learn about alpha, beta and gamma decay (perfect for large or small groups)


DEMOS and EXPERIMENTS you can do at home:

How gravity works– a fairly intensive hands-on lab for older kids  (This lab is about the concepts involved in understanding how the expelled particles came together to make asteroids and comets.)

Density lab (Hands-on exploration of density for ages middle and high school)

WORKSHEETS and QUIZZES based on In The Beginning:

Comet study guide for (comets) pages 293-296 8th edition

Comet anatomy worksheet  (might need to supplement with extra info)

Worksheet on mammoths (fill-in-the-blank format, to help glean out basic facts about anatomy and physiology)

Study guide for liquefaction chapter

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