"Ectomy" (a game about the brain)

Purpose of the game:  To learn (or review) information about the lobes of the brain and what they do.  These lobes are" frontal, temporal, occipital, parietal, sensory cortex and motor cortex.

Description of game:  Each player tries to fill the brain outline with the appropriate lobe parts.  Players win parts by answering multiple choice questions.  This makes a great review activity if you have just been studying the brain, but it can also be played without a lot of study ahead of time because the answers are multiple choice and you can learn as you go along.

Target age group:  ages 9-13

Time needed to play:  about 30-45 minutes


Materials you will need:  Photocopies of pattern pages, copied onto card stock (the"base" pages that the pieces sit on can be colored into regular weight paper with a different color for each player)

Note:  This game is used as a review activity in "The Brain" curriculum.  The student text covers all the information needed for the game. 

Click here to download "-Ectomy"