Cut-and-paste Food Pyramid Craft (traditional USDA pyramid)

DISCLAIMER:  This craft is based on the traditional food pyramid recommended by the US government from the '80s until fairly recently.  It is being re-assessed and redesigned although I'm not sure a firm consensus has been reached yet.  This activity does not imply my personal endorsement of it, not does it claim to be on the cutting edge of new recommendations.  It is what it is-- the classic USDA food pyramid taught in US schools for probably over three decades.  If it fits your educational goals and needs, that's great.  If not, please feel free to adapt it or use another resource. (I might get around to making a "cutting edge" version when our homeschool group does a food and nutrition unit again.)

Target age group: ages 5-9

Purpose of project:  To learn about the traditional food pyramid (as recommended to us by the USDA)  NOTE:  For alternatives, see the 3D Food Pyramid craft.  It has two other food guides.  The traditional food pyramid does have critics!

Description of project:  Students color and cut out pictures and glue them to the appropriate spots on the pyramid.

Materials needed: copies of pattern page, scissors, glue stick, crayons or colored pencils

Download patterns for food pyramid craft