Brain Hemisphere Hat


NOTE:  This is the now world-famous "Brain Hat."  This humble little hat has been distributed around the world, and has been translated into several different languages.  If you would like to translate it into another language (one you are fluent in) I would love to post some other language options at the bottom of this page  Please contact me about it!


Purpose of activity:  To learn about (or review) the major lobes of the brain by making a paper hat to wear

Target age group:  ages 8-12, but can be used with younger if they have help  (Just as an interesting side note, this hat has even been assembled and worn by college students, and has also been "adopted" by a brain imaging company!)

Description of activity:  Cut and assemble a paper brain hat

Time needeed:  This depends on how much coloring you do.  Just the assembly takes about 5-10 minutes for an adult, but more like 15-20 minutes for a student (and they often need help with the center seam).  If you are using this activity in a classroom, allow most or all of a class period to color and assemble. 

Materials you wiil need:  Copies of the pattern pages printed onto card stock, scissors, glue, tape, crayons or colored pencilsĀ 

Click here to download patterns for the Brain Hemisphere Hat

If your computer has issues about downloading the above file because it is too large, you can try one of these slightly smaller files:

Click here to download jus the black and white patterns

Click here to download just the color patterns



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