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  • “Coleoptera Around the World” a game about beetles
  • Color the interior anatomy of a spider (Click on VIDEOS tab)
  • “Rocks and Dirt” curriculum is now available as a paperback, not just a digital download.  Student booklet also available.  Click on STORE tab.
  • What is inside an ant? Color a diagram of internal anatomy.  Both VIDEO and written instructions provided.  Click on VIDEO tab.
  • Ant and bee relay races (click on free downloads, then animal science)
  • “Draw an Ant” A step-by-step scientific illustration of an ant.  Click on VIDEOS tab.
  • “Rocks and Dirt” is now available in digital format in the STORE.
  • “Mapping the World with Art” is now an ecourse with VIDEO STREAMING. Go to the estore to learn more.
  • Food to Feces: an interactive “tour” of the digestive system
  • Cut-and-assemble paper model of human skin
  • Cut-and-assemble paper model of the human eye
  • Cut-and-assemble paper model of the human ear
  • Ear Anatomy Bingo
  • “Mapping the Body with Art: Module 3 Tissues”  (click on STORE tab)
  • “The Marine Invertebrate Song” (click on MUSIC tab)
  • “Fill an Ocean”  (a bingo-type classification game about animal phyla in the oceans)
  • Echinoderm Games (card games about sea stars, urchins, sea cucumbers, sea lilies)
  • Cuttlefish art project  (camouflage a cuttlefish against a coral reef background)
  • Southern Ocean Game  (a packet of colorful animal cards and 4 games to play with them)

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         This site really is like putting my basement online.  One by one, I am working my way through the stacks of things sitting on my shelves, digitizing them, and posting them for anyone who might find them useful.  Individual items are posted as FREE DOWNLOADS.  I’ve also written some full-length curricula (during my years teaching science to classes of homeschooled kids ages 8-14) and they are available in the STORE.  You can also snoop around and find out some others things I’ve done or am currently working on.  Happy browsing!

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